The 2018 Title Sponsor

VO2 Multisport is the only multisport retail shop in the Greater Louisville area. VO2 Multipsort has all the necessary training/race swim, bike, and run equipment & apparel needed to make you a more efficient athlete. Additionally, VO2 offers a robust training experience through its strategic partnerships. VO2 has joined with Fit502 to offer you, the athlete, a training center and has partnered with various regional coaches that will help you train in order to increase your VO2 max, strength, and overall performance. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional, we are here for you!

Not a triathlete, that’s ok!! We also cater to all cyclists and trail runners. We offer many specialty bikes from road to mountain to cyclocross. You will also see our trail running shoes out on the trails with many of our ultra and trail runners.

Please check our calendar frequently for training & spin class offerings, shop rides, and open water swims.

We will help you achieve….What Lies Beyond Your Limits!